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FlyCod basic features

The site wizard that hosts Flycod's unique incarnation of excellent themes and modules.


Impressive 60 themes

The site wizard that hosts Flycod's unique incarnation of excellent themes and modules.At the same time you can manage your content with professional user management and much more

Excellent Customer Support

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Great and Best Support

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Advanced Product Management

You can Provide Imagery with All the Features That Can Filter Your Products.With Advanced Product Management, you can organize your products withcategory sub-category structure.

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Imagine Drag and Drop

Flycod Provides You Easily CreateYour Own Web Site With Drag and Drop Feature.

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Link Payment System.

Receive online payment from yourwebsite with Link Payment System.

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Creating Forms with the Form Wizard

User friendly
Management panel

It's a perfect management panel where you can create and manage all your content. Seo, Pop-Up, Code Attachment, Page Managers Form Magic, Media Librarians Catalog Authorization Vs.

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Compatible with Different Screen Sizes Responsive Themes And Modules And Your Site Mobile Compatible.


Design libraries

400 and Over Design Modules, you can edit the colors and sizes of these designs.

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Design libraries

Flycod is the World's Largest Design Library with Design Libraries to Publish Every Month.

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Portfolio And Gallery

Create Blog Portfolio And Media Galleries With Elegant Design Page Constructions.

All Language

What language does your website speak? With Flycod you can make your website working with all the languages of the world

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Dijitale your catalogs

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Free Update

You can update the Lifetime Flycod Project free of charge. Get Ready for More

Easily Create Website

Coding does not require skill

Create Impressive Web Site Immediately With Flycod That Does Not Require Code And Design Information. All Designs Choose, Replace and Easily Edit Your Flycod Impressive Web Site Immediately.

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Extended Documentation and Video Trainer

Easier to Build Your Web Site with Advanced Forum Content and Video Trainings You Can Easily Implement.

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Support Line

Do not Think I Can Make Your Web Site, How You Can Get Best Support With Flycod

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A Unique Experience for Beginners

When You Make Your Web Site For The First Time Easily With Flycod Can You Make It, Immediately Build Your Impressive Web Site Without Impossible.

Web Site Wizard

Management Panel (CMS)

With Drag and Drop Technology, you can create your Impressor Web Site Immediately With the Advanced Management Panel, you can easily manage your content. It's Easy To Create Your Web Site With Video Support Found On Every Page. Doing Your Web Site With Flycod That Does Not Require Code and Design Information.

Mobile Compatible (Responsive Designs)

Your Website is Stronger with Mobile Compatible Themes And Designs That Automatically Resize Itself To Different Screen Sizes.

Web Site Wizard

Select a theme you like from Flycod's Design Libraries Drag and Drop. Easily Edit and Replace. Meet the Fastest Web Site Creator Up to Date Now.

Management Panel (CMS)

You can create all your content from your website You can easily manage your content in the dashboard management panel

Link Payment System

Advanced Product Management

With Flycod Advanced Product Management, you can build your products in a way that is compatible with the Manageable Link Payment Systems with Advanced Product Management Panel.

Product Filtering Wizard

You Can Build Your Product Filters for Numerous Product and Feature Structures

Advanced Product Management

You can add all content and features that are specific to your product or service.

Unlimited Category / Sub Category

You can create and add Category And Sub Category Buildings with Infinite.

E-Commerce with Link Payment System

You can use payment platforms like PayPal, Iyzico, e-commerce to pay with Link.

Maximum Flexibility

Blog Page Buildings

Unlimited Page And Blog Management That You Can Create 4 Different Pages Of Pages That You Can Manage Your Content, And Blog And Page Content At The Same Time

Easy Manageable Content

Add Edit Delete can create content in as many different forms as you like with the easy Manageable Rich Content Editor.

4 Different Building Unlimited Page And Content

Specify your content in your content and create content as you please.

Media Libraries

Portfolio Gallery

Creating Perfect Photo Galleries, Digital Catalogs And Video Gallery For Your Website Very Easy With Flycod.

Photo Gallery

Photo Galleries You Can Use For Stylish Photo Galleries And Different Purposes.

Video Gallery

Video Gallery Pages you can create in your site.

Album Creator

All Your Photos Make Your Album Easier Album Management..

Digital Catalog Management

Digital Catalog Management, which converts all your Pdf Catalogs into a Digital Catalog.

Customer comments

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We needed a professional Web site for our company. We were never challenged while doing our web site with Flycod. We are very interested in helping you when you need support.
No Longer a Problem for Lifetime Web Site Continuous Design Attachments and Use of These for Free Really Very Beautiful
Drag and Drop to be very nice. I want to create a style easily Sitemedi.Deelenin Really Easy to Kid Oyuncular I placed my content in one way.
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